Twelve Monkeys Kanzi Review

Twelve Monkeys is a premium e-liquid brand created in Toronto, Canada, that has risen to the top of the vaping scene, drawing in vapers all over the place with their incredible range of true to taste flavours, including the sweet sensation that is Kanzi.

Established in 2015, Twelve Monkeys just seems to get bigger and better, winning numerous awards including best new brand award in 2015, and best international brand in 2017.

Twelve Monkeys have their rightful place on the shelves in all of our Tidal Vape stores. Standing strong and proudly catching the eyes of all our loyal customers who jump at the chance to try any Twelve Monkey flavour!

They sell out fast though, so you will have to be quick if you want your favourite!


Twelve Monkeys has numerous lines in their range of liquids, the original, made up of 12 Monkeys Discovery, Intelligence, Triumph and Infinity Collection lines, Twelve Monkeys Ice age, consisting of some original flavours, with an added kick of ice for a more refreshing vape, perfect for summer.

And lastly, their most recent line, Twelve Monkeys Origins, which is made up of the more simple flavours, in which they manage to really elevate and emphasise on the exact flavour.

As great as they all sound, we are focusing on just the one today, that one being Kanzi from their original line!

First Impressions

Twelve Monkeys have perfected their line from top to bottom, they smell incredible, taste divine, and look sensational!

As usual with Twelve Monkeys products, they always know exactly how to draw you in before you have even opened the bottle.

Immediately, we are beguiled by the elaborateness of the design on the astonishing bottle. Twelve Monkeys bottles are always brightly coloured and fun filled for the eyes, Kanzi graces us with different shades of forest greens, crimson and brick reds, and just a touch of light, golden yellow.

Straight away we can see the world famous logo of Twelve Monkeys, written in that classy, memorable font, positioned across the top of the bottle.

Occupying the mid section of the bottle, is the flavour ‘Kanzi’, placed strategically on top of an intertwinement of leaves and vines in the back image.

All of the need to know information is clearly present on the bottle, we can see the quantity is 50ml, it is an 80% VG mix, which will definitely come in handy for making some first rate clouds and an inhale that is smoother than silk. And then of course on the back of the bottle, we can see the important information like the ingredients and warning labels.

So all in all, we have a stylish, well presented, eye catching and informative bottle from Twelve Monkeys once again! They never disappoint!

Flavour Profile

Coming straight from Twelve Monkeys -

“A Primate with a sweet tooth; Kanzi has a taste for only the best fruity flavours. This fusion of strawberries, watermelon and a hint of kiwi is sure to please the most discerning fruit connoisseur. Kanzi is a mouthwatering fruit concoction that is sure to salivate any palate. Perfect accompaniment to Kanzi while winning a game of Pac-Man”.

So let us see if this fruity concoction can make our mouth water!


Before we get to tasting this much talked about e-liquid, as all vapers do, new and experienced, we have got to have a whiff and see what flavours hit us first!

On the nose, Kanzi has a remarkably sweet disposition. The presence of refreshing watermelon is definitely noticeable in the foreground, still giving off sweetness, but it is balanced by the existence of a tart kiwi.


When tasting a new vape liquid, you don’t just puff it and then be done with it, you want to dissect it, and really pick out each of the particular flavours, and at which point they are recognizable, and how it all feels whilst you are vaping it!

So we are dividing this up for you ladies and gents, just to give you a deeper evaluation of each and every part of the vaping experience.


Upon first inhalation, you are met with a sugary, fruity syrup. It’s pleasantly sweet with a strong presence of strawberries that seem almost like they are in candy form. The element of juicy, mouthwatering watermelon also makes an appearance here, giving the flavour a refreshing vibe to counteract the sweetness! There is no detection of the kiwi as of yet.


With the sweetness still very much present, those luscious strawberry flavours are fading into the background, leaving the fresh watermelon on the front line. There is a very slight hint of kiwi coming forth, nothing too prominent, and if you were not aware of the flavour profile you probably wouldn’t taste it at all.


Things begin to change up completely towards the end, with that delicious strawberry candy flavour making a dash for the main component again, and the juicy watermelon fading out slowly. The kiwi is making its presence known now, giving off a sharp, almost astringent taste. The tartness of the kiwi definitely helps to counter balance the sweetness of the e-liquid.


The aftertaste is so important to get right, as it is the last taste we will be left with after vaping, and nobody wants to be left with a bad taste in their mouth!

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi leaves you with a marvellous mixture of sweet and sour flavours to keep your taste buds excited and wanting more! The sweetness of the strawberry and watermelon does not become tiring in this e-liquid, it’s evened out by that tart kiwi fruit! Giving you the perfect blend of flavours!

Cloud Production

As we previously discovered, Twelve Monkeys Kanzi is an 80/20 VG/PG mix. This is a nice high VG blend as it allows the flavours to really protrude while still giving you a super smooth delivery! The cloud production is pretty impressive, you should certainly expect dense clouds that could easily fill a room, so watch where you vape this bad boy!

Final Thoughts

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi is one of our best sellers at Tidal Vape, and now we can see why! Kanzi is full bodied in flavour and delivery! It is the perfect summer vape with fruity vibes throughout, unlike some other super sweet flavours, Kanzi does not bore or blind your tastebuds, so would definitely make for a great all day vape!


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