Twelve Monkeys Matata Review

Today we wanted to review one of our most popular juice flavours, from a brand you should know and love by now. If you’ve not tried Twelve Monkeys, here’s a little insight into what you can expect from the Matata flavour. 

Read on for our Twelve Monkeys Matata review where we explain the bottle design, taste, vapour volume, throat hit, cloud size, and then our final verdict. 

Before we get into the full details though, check out a video review of Twelve Monkeys Matata that was recently published to YouTube by one of our expert team. 

Bottle and packaging design

OK, so we know that the taste of the e-juice is far more important than the design and packaging, but first impressions do count, and Twelve Monkeys don’t often get it wrong. 

Matata is no exception. 

You get the classic 12 Monkeys design here with bright colours, and the signature logo and branding. 

But let’s cut to the chase; how does it smell and taste? 

The smell and taste 

The first thing we always do with a new vape liquid is a smell test. 

On the nose, Twelve Monkeys Matata gives you a beautiful grape smell. Interesting, we never really consider grape having a smell, but you can definitely get that aroma after taking the bottle cap off. 

Moving onto the taste. For our 12 Monkeys Matata juice review, we used a Voopoo 2 (check out our kit discounts), here’s what our chief taster said:

 “If you’re looking for a flavour that is not too sweet and that you can vape all day long, then Matata is on point. It is one of the nicest all day vapes we've tried it in a while. It’s strong enough to mean you can probably vape it all day without getting sick or bored of the juicy flavours. You know that feeling when you’ve had a few too many alcopops, and you just can’t stand the taste anymore… well, you don’t get that with Matata.” 

Matata combines apple and grape flavours to create a slight sourness in a fruity blend. You really get that crisp apple as the main taste, with a hint of grape. 

Bottom line is, it’s not too sickly and is a very smooth vape. 

Cloud size 

12 Monkeys Matata has an 80% VG blend. 

If you use a sub ohm tank or kit, that means you will be able to produce some great clouds (check out our video review higher up the page to see an example).

Final verdict 

12 Monkeys Matata is a refined vape that combines delicious fruity flavours. You get a big and bold grape taste on the inhale and an apple flavour on the exhale.

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