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Why Does My Vape Crackle?

There may be times when you’re vaping that you hear a crackling or popping sound coming from your tank. However long you have been vaping, you may be wondering why this sound is happening and whether it’s anything to be concerned about. For the majority of the time, this noise is completely normal and it’s a sign that the device is doing its job properly; however, if you are hearing something that you haven’t heard before there may be issues and it may be necessary to be checked and ensure that everything is working as it should. Regardless of whether the noises are an issue or not, here are the more common reasons for the crackling noise in your vape device.


Good Crackling

The vapour in your device appears as a result of the e-liquid travelling to the hot atomising coils within your device and vaporising. The popping generally occurs at the point that the e-liquid hits the coils and starts to react. It generally sounds like a steady crackling noise followed by a slow hiss.  If your e-liquid is particularly thin it tends to flood the coils and will pop a lot more than a thicker e-liquid. These sounds will be more pronounced when you have changed certain components of your vaping device such as the coils or if you have increased the volume of the nicotine levels.


Bad Crackling


It is important to recognise changes in these sounds that may indicate there is a problem with your vaping device.


If the normal popping sound increases and you begin to taste bitterness, it may be time to clean your device. An increase in heat may start an increase in the popping sound as well. For this you may need to check the wattage setting, airflow adjustment or your atomiser to see if this is too wet. If the popping is getting louder still and you’re noticing that you’re sucking a lot of the e-liquid into your mouth (spitback) it might be advisable to take your device back to get it checked over.


No Crackling

When you aren’t hearing any crackling or popping coming from your vaping device this also indicates there is a problem. Usually this suggests that the device is clogged up and needs to be cleaned. When this problem starts to occur it’s important that you act on it as soon as you can. If cleaning does not fix the problem take your device to be checked.


What is Spitback?


Spitback is the name given to the process of e-liquid coming into your mouth when you vape. It leaves the user with a bitter taste in their mouth and it’s generally pretty annoying. Fortunately, listed below are some ways of how to fix spitback and get back to enjoying those clouds!


  1. The most common cause of spitback is when your wattage on your device is too low. When your wattage is too low, it does not give your coils enough time to vaporise the e-liquid. The e-liquid that doesn’t get enough time to be vaporised gets sucked up through the chimney of your device and straight into you mouth. Nasty huh? If you believe it’s due to the wattage try increasing it slightly to see if this helps.


  1. Another cause of spitback is that your e-liquid is too thin. Thin e-liquids tend to flood the atomisers without getting a chance to be vaporised and just like with low wattage your chance of it getting sucked up the device’s chimney are pretty high. There are two variables that make up e-liquid and these are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). If your e-liquid contains more PG, it’s going to be very thin. Try using an e-liquid with a lower level of PG and see if this makes a difference.


  1. When changing your coil in your device, it is necessary to prime it first to prevent it from overheating or burning when using it for the first time. The process involves adding a few drops of e-liquid to the coil; however, if you use too much the excess pools at the bottom and will be the first thing you taste when you try to inhale. As annoying as this is, it’s fairly common and will disappear after around five inhales.


  1. Similarly, if you have left your vape device for more than a day without using it, the e-liquid begins to settle and starts to pool at the bottom. If this does happen and spitback occurs this usually rights itself after around 2-3 draws.


What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue is a condition where unexpectedly, the user will lose the ability to taste the flavour of the vape juice. Vaper’s tongue does not affect the consumption of nicotine or cloud production; however, you’re going to a lose a lot of the enjoyment of the vaping experience through not tasting the flavour of the e-liquid.


What is Vaper’s Mouth?

It’s possible that vaping can cause dehydration, e-liquid tends to dry the mouth out through the PG and VG content absorbing the moisture from the mouth. This can be prevented simply by carrying a bottle of water with you to have while you vape.


Can Vaping Stain your Teeth?

One of the downsides of smoking regular cigarettes is how they stain the user’s teeth. All of that is a thing of the past once switching to vape devices. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke that contains tar or ash and so are unable to stain tooth or rot gums. Your dentist will be pleased!


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