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Cotton Cable is a range of handcrafted e-liquids that has been delivering an amazing vaping experience to vapers in the country for the past five years. They have three major e-liquid ranges - Desserts, Fruits, and Cocktails. At Tidal Vape, we have the best flavours of all these ranges. Their liquids are known for delivering superb vapour and authentic and exquisite flavours with great consistency.

Cotton Cable makes all their liquids in the UK with high quality ingredients in ISO certified laboratories with high hygiene standards. They use the finest pharmaceutical grade VG and PG along with the best quality flavourings permitted by the EU. The liquids are mostly fruit-based, sweet, and are a good all-day vape option. Some popular flavours are Hot Cross Bun, Lemon Smack, Pornstar Martini, etc.

The complete range of Cotton Cable e-liquids is available as 50ml shortfills with 70% VG concentration and no nicotine. An extra 10ml space is provided to add a nicotine shot of your preferred strength. For instance, an 18mg shot will yield 60ml liquid with 3mg nicotine. These are high VG e-liquids that work the best with sub-ohm devices and are a treat for cloud chasers looking for some good taste.

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