Collection: E-Liquids

E-liquid (also known as e-juice or vape juice) is a flavoured juice that is added to a device to create the vapour you inhale when vaping. At Tidal Vape, flavour experience is our passion. Our aim is to bring to you the best brands and flavours from across the globe. We have a vast collection of e-liquids that gets updated every week. With over 50 brands and 600 products, you will be spoilt for choices. Some of our popular brands are Tidal Vape, Vampire Vape, Koncept, Large, Bling, Six Licks, etc.  

From 10ml nic salts to 200ml shortfills, and low VG to high VG, we sell everything in between. While freebase nicotine e-liquids and nic salts can be vaped directly, shortfills need one or multiple nicotine shots based on their volume. For example, a 50ml e-liquid will need a 10ml nic shot with 18mg nicotine strength to make it a 3mg strength e-liquid. Similarly, you can add more shots for bigger shortfills. The 10ml unflavoured nic shot is also readily available at our stores. 

If you are new to vaping, here are our e-liquid recommendations based on your smoking habits: 

  • Mild Smoker – High VG or 50VG/50PG e-liquids with nicotine strength less than 6mg. 
  • Medium Smoker – High VG or 50VG/50PG e-liquids with nicotine strength between 6-12mg. 
  • Heavy Smoker – Nic salts or high PG e-liquids but with caution as nicotine strength is high. 

Voila! You are ready to go. Choose from our several delectable flavours and start vaping. Have fun! 

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