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Hades E-Liquids are range of premium e-liquids manufactured in the UK and are available in numerous delectable flavours. The name ‘Hades’ comes from Greek mythology, in which Hades is the god of the dead and king of the underworld. All their e-liquids are centred around this underworld theme. They have two e-liquid ranges - Hades Juice and Hades Ice Cream with many flavour combinations.

Hades is known for its fresh and juicy liquids in the fruit range and rich, creamy, and refreshing liquids in the ice cream range. All their flavours are moderately strong and can be vaped all day long. All their liquids are manufactured in the UK in a clean facility with high hygiene standards. Some of their most popular flavours are Black Blast, Kandy Cane, Sticky Toffee, and Pink Lemonade.

We currently house the entire range of Hades Juice and Hades Ice Cream e-liquids. All their liquids are available as 100ml shortfills with 0mg nicotine and 70% VG concentration. Every shortfill has an extra space to add two 10ml nicotine shots of 18mg, which will yield an e-liquid with 3mg nicotine strength. Check out their individual product pages to know more about them and avail exciting offers.

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