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Did you know that every ten years or so you eat your own body weight in chocolates? Besides having a sensory appeal, chocolates have many great benefits like uplifting your mood and helping your heart. If you have a sweet tooth and are concerned about your oral health, chocolate or candy flavoured e-liquids can provide you the sweet satisfaction without damaging your teeth.

The many varieties of chocolates and candies make this liquid range immensely popular among vapers. From dark chocolates to milk chocolates, and candies to bubblegum, you can always find something to suit your taste. Because of their versatile taste they are often blended with several different flavours like tropical fruits, berries, nuts, cookies, ice cream, tobacco, and menthol. 

While most sweet flavours belong in the realm of high VG liquids, chocolates and sweets work as good with low VG as well, irrespective of what kit you are using. You can select from 10ml nic salts to 200ml shortfills based on your vaping preferences. Some of our loved brands are Vampire Vape, Sweet Crush, Candy Man, Duty Free Sweets, etc. Check out our product pages for more details.

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